Welcome to the Jungle (Class III+ - IV+)

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7 Days
Welcome to the Jungle (Class III+ - IV+) $1600
CLASSIFICATION OF THE IRF(International Rafting Federation)
  • I: Easy
  • II: Rookie
  • III: Easy Intermediate
  • IV: Intermediate
  • V: Advanced
  • VI: Expert

This trip is designed for experienced kayakers that are able to paddle rivers up to class IV +, seeking to discover new rivers, landscapes and live the amazing experience of rowing in the Amazon jungle.

On this trip some incredible rivers are waiting for you…Jatunjaku for example is a river with Epic proportions when Big Level, Piatua river has dozens of boofs. The rest rivers, hidden in the jungle have a unique character that will blow your mind! Super Fun Trip.

Day 1: Arrive to the Airport. We will pick you up and then head to Tena. On the way we will stop on Papayacta’s Hot Springs. After 3 hours into the jungle we will unpack in your hotel in Tena, select your kayak and have a meeting to talk about the next 8 days of paddling. Expect a great Wellcome Dinner.

Day 2: Good Morning Ecuador! Get ready to paddle all day in Jatun Yaku River (III-III+) About 26 miles of pure fun on Big Water! Lunch today will take place in one of the beatiful beaches of this Epic River!

Day 3: Today we are going Steep! We will paddle on the Upper Misahualli (III-IV+)to warm up our creek Skills. Depending on the group we can do up to 2 runs.

Day 4: Get ready to paddle in turquoise waters in the middle of the jungle on the Middle Jondachi, have lunch at the river bank right where the Hollin River meet us! Long day of paddling!

Day 5: Piatua River! Lots and lots of boofs are waiting for us today! We will travel 50-60 min to our next hotel, right next to the Piatua River. After we unpack, eat and rest for a bit we will go for a run of the lower section.

Day 7: Great day for big water and small canions! Welcome to Quijos River. We will paddle the “Borja” Section, and then we head back to Quito





For this trip you will need:

  • Life Jacket
  • Helmet
  • Paddle
  • Spray Skirt (Please check our Boat fleet, to make sure you bring the ride size)
  • DryTop
  • Semi-Dry Top
  • Float Bags 
  • River Knife
  • Carabiners
  • Water Botle


We have extra gear for rent. But remember to bring what you need to feel confy o


Jatun Yacu
Big water
Alto Misahualli
Creek with narrow lines, boofs!
Creek, incredible scenery
Continuous Creek, large drops
Big Water
Big water, narrow lines, boofs

During your stay you stayed in two different places; in the vicinity of the town of Tena and in the city of Baeza. The rooms in both places have private bathrooms and comfortable facilities.

In both hosting sites will provide you with a towel and clean sheets.

An important part of this trip is to discover the rich meals offered by Ecuador. On this trip we going to try different dishes from the area as mashed green, Maito Tilapia, Palmitos among others. The food in the Ecuadorian Amazon is based on consumption Cassava, Green Rice and fish. 


During declines in the river also going to have the opportunity to taste food typical of the Ecuadorian kayakers. Feeding during the trip consists of 3 main meals; Breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks on long journeys and after the river.


Water: We know that water can be a question and concern important, for this reason we worry that the places where we eat, cook and serve boiled water and ready for human consumption.


We are extremely proud to show our food & culture. During this trip you'll meet different restaurants with unique flavors that give you a wider than it is Ecuador and its people vision.

Arrival on Saturday; most international flights arrive in the afternoon / evening. At the airport will wait for you a team member of Kayak Ecuador. When the group is complete you will start the trip to the city of Tena. (about 3 hours)

If you prefer to arrive a day earlier, we can help you to book a hotel of your choice and local activities.

The day of the tour you will be pick up from your hotel after lunch (+/- 1:30 pm)

  • 27 August - 2 Sept / 2016
  • 24 - 30 September / 2016
  • 22 - 28 October / 2016
  • 22 Nov - 2 Dec / 2016
  • 17 - 23 December / 2016
  • 21 - 27 January / 2017
  •   18- 24 February / 2017

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