1. To choose your trip you should take into account the following points :


    • Difficulty level (Class I-IV)
    • The age of participants ( children in particular )
    • Physical condition
    • Travel time



  2. All participants must be aware that there are inherent risks in the practice of this sport that can not be eliminated. It is not dangerous, but any responsible company should tell you that there risks exist.

    All our guides are prepared and have international certifications. 

  3. The best time to go rafting  is now, there are no significant changes during the year thanks to our fantastic location. 

  4. Tips are accepted and appreciated , but not required . Our guides are paid properly, but the difference between a good trip and a spectacular journey usually depends on your guide. 

  5.  Distances between major cities and Tena


    • Quito - Tena: 3 hours
    • Baeza - Tena: 2 hours
    • Baños - Tena 2 hours
    • Ambato - Tena 3 hours
    • Guayaquil - Tena 9 hours
    • Cuenca - Tena 9 hours


    Option 1:  Public transportation (usually $ 7.00-8.00 per person)

    Departure time: 5:30, 8:30, 10:30, 19:00, 20:00, 20:50 (From Quito)

    Option 2: You can hire private transportation (Option only for Quito) which costs $ 20.00. (Contact: +593 987 529 599). The latter option is a door to door transportation, meaning you will find where you are and you leave you at the hostel / hotel of your choice at the city of Tena. (Works with 3 passengers minimum and make 3 rounds daily, 6:00 12: 00,20: 00)

    Option 3: In Kayak Ecuador we offer Transfers from Quito to Tena


    • Bus with a capacity for 6 passengers: $ 100.00 (Quito-Tena-Quito)
    • Bus with a capacity for 6 passengers: $ 130.00 (Quito-Tena-Quito overnight)


  6. The city of Tena offers many accommodation options for different needs and budgets. Here we leave you information about the different hotels and hostels in town that we recommend: (List in order of price)

    Hostal Brisas del Río: This hostel is located in the center of the city. It offers shared and private rooms ranging from $ 10.00 to $ 15.00 per person. If you have a limited budget is one of the best options, the rooms are clean and sheets and mattresses games are in fair condition and has parking if you come with your own vehicle.

    Hotel el Establode Tomás:  This hotel is located 15 minutes from the city (center) of Tena in the direction of Muyuna. The night costs between $ 18.00 and $ 25.00 per person. Rooms are rustic, prived and have a personal bathroom. We recommend this place that gives a rustic and remote feeling. Inside the property passes the river Lupi, a very nice stream, some customers prefer to take a morning swim in this river instead of a classic shower. Inside the hotel there parrots and birds that make this place a unique and fun setting.

    Hotel Los Yutzos:   This hotel is located in the center of the city of Tena, has rooms ranging from $ 25.00 to 35.00 per person including breakfast. The rooms are comfortable and the service is good. The hotel has parking lots in case you decide to go on your own vehicle.