Jungle Skills (clase II-III) Instrucción básica

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7 Días
Jungle Skills (clase II-III) Instrucción básica $1600,00
CLASIFICACIÓN DE LA IRF(Federación Internacional de Rafting)
  • I: Fácil
  • II: Novato
  • III: Fácil Intermedio
  • IV: Intermedio
  • V: Avanzado
  • VI: Experto

Learning to paddle class III safely in Ecuador

This trip is designed for kayakers Who are just starting and want to Improve Their skills. Ecuador is the perfect running class II and III rivers Where the consequences are few but the fun is great.

Your skills to start running Class III rivers After This trip will be remarkable. Our instructors, in Addition to guiding the rivers, will teach you to Improve your skills and technique and kayaking. White water safety and rescue techniques Carried out in different Also this complete course start in class III.

If you want to be sure to pick this trip You should answer yes to the following 3 questions:


  • You have a safe current roll class II?
  • You have more than 10 drops in rivers class II?
  • Do you understand the following concepts and you can Recognize in a river?

  1. Eddy
  2. Ferry
  3. roll Skimo




    Day 1: Arrival at the airport (arrivals and departures check point of Ecuador).

    We wait at the airport the day (starting) trip after lunch to go to the city of Tena. After 3 hours of travel we will unpack at your hotel in Tena, That night we select your kayak and Have a meeting to discuss the next 8 days. We end the day with a spectacular dinner Welcome.

    Day 2: Today we're going to start near the pools of Tena River just minutes from our hotel. This session is divided into three parts:


    • Roll: CC / Sweep, Roll Back deck, hand roll
    • supports
    • Changes Positive and Negative direction


    During the afternoon and after lunch we will walk a section of the Rio Anzu, to practice the concepts Learned During the morning.

    Day 3: Skills streams. We will paddle all day in the middle Misahualli River. On This Day we will focus on making Eddys, narrow passages between rocks, ferries and safety Eddy Eddy white water.

    In the afternoon session we will Have a roll and supports in the river adjacent to our hotel.

    Day 4 : On This Day in the morning we will learn different techniques of white water rescue:

    • Correct use of Rescue Team: rope, carabiners, slings, pulleys
    • Stumbles standing, mobilization river
    • Hazard Recognition

    After lunch prepared to put into practice What They Learned, Kayak Ecuador we will make Real-controlled scenarios so you know how to act in a dangerous situation.

    Day 5 : Big water! THROUGHOUT the day we will Strengthen paddling techniques in large water in Jatun Yacu river. This is one of the strongest days for spend all day in the water. We ended up at Pto. Misahualli Where we see the famous monkeys of this town.

    Day 6 : follow up today for the first time paddle rating 3 rapids in the middle of the Jatun Yacu river.

    Get ready to paddle all day!

    Day 7: Graduation day. Today we paddle the best sections of the river Jatun Yacu and Misahualli (Depending on the level of kayakers)

    Day 8: In the morning we paddle another beautiful stream in the vicinity of Tena. Just last fall we will finish our way to Quito to leave you at the airport.

      What Should I bring kayak team for this trip?

      • Helmet
      • lifejacket
      • 2x long sleeve shirt
      • Shorty (short jacket)
      • Dry Top
      • Shorts / Neo Pants
      • Float Bags 2x
      • Knife River
      • Pin Kit
      • Water shoes + socks
      • Rowing
      • Extra foam to customize your kayak + any attachments or equipment you occupy in the river.
      • Water bottle

      2. What Should I Wear?

      To keep you comfortable on This trip do not need to bring a lot of clothes, but some items are very important:

      • 3x short sleeve shirts
      • 2x shorts
      • flip flops
      • Sports shoes
      • 2x light pants
      • 1x light jacket
      • 1x waterproof jacket
      • Chap
      • underwear for 7 days

      3. Water is safe in Ecuador?

      Water in Ecuador is different than Those used to make at home for the amount of minerals and impurities, but not Have to worry as the team Kayak Ecuador is sure to bottled water and ready for human consumption in all our travel. Please do not forget to bring your water bottles.


      • Within the Kayak Skills
      • roll
      • Rescue "T"
      • Changes positive and negative direction
      • supports
      • Ferrys
      • Eddys
      • drops
      • safe and security positions
      • Security on the river
      • Launch String
      • Z pulley system
      • Approach to victims standing atrampamiento
      • basic knots
      • Basic First Aid

      Kayak skills outside




      • Whale quick and decision line
      • Rules to exit the kayak
      • Nado auto insurance and rescue


      During basis every day of the trip we will review practical and theoretically different concepts and skills so you can continue to Improve Increase In This sport but after Having a solid of safety and technical whitewater.

      Rio Anzu
      Tena river
      Rio Misahualli
      Rio Napo

      During your stay you're better off just minutes from the city of Tena in a comfortable hotel with all facilities; WiFi, games room, communal TV and even parrots and Papagayos to keep you entertained at halftime of activities. The rooms have private bathrooms and comfortable facilities!

      An Important part of this trip is to discover the rich meals Offered by Ecuador. On This trip going to try different dishes from the area as green mashed, Maito Tilapia, Palmitos Among others. The food in the Ecuadorian Amazon is based on consumption Cassava Green Rice and fish meat.!

      During descents on the river you will Also have the opportunity to taste food typical of the Ecuadorian kayakers.!

      Feeding During the trip Consist of 3 main meals; Breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks on long journeys and after the river.!

      Water: We Know That water can be a question and concern Important, for this reason we worry That the places Where we eat, cook and serve boiled water and ready for human consumption.!

      Arrival on Saturday; MOST International Flights arrive in the afternoon / evening. At the airport will wait for a team member Kayak Ecuador, Then a trip to the city of Tena Began the.

      If you prefer to arrive a day Earlier, we can help you to book a hotel of your choice Local and activities.

      The day of the tour you HAD to pick for your hotel after lunch (+/- 1:30 pm)

      Important points to Consider:

      The first meal included in the tour is the welcome dinner (8:00 pm) Make sure you eat at lunch before getting to our transportation, the trip to Tena lasts almost 3 hours.

      If you want to arrive a day early to Quito, comunicare With our staff to Please make a reservation of your hotel and / local or activities

      Remember To have all your papers a day; Passport, Visa (if required by your nationality), tickets and insurance.

      If you want to bring your kayak trip we recommend AA and justify your luggage as wave-ski.

      Remember to pack your paddle blades With or protection we recommend that you ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' bring in a bag oars, airlines are not liable for damage to the equipment Usually. Better safe than sorry!

      If You Have not Reached Ecuador Kayak staff do not leave the waiting area, wait a few minutes trying to find are probably parking

      contact phone number +593 999 34 38 98

      • July 9 to 15/2016
      • August 13 to 19/2016
      • September 10 to 16/2016
      • October 8 to 14/2016
      • November 5 to 11/2016
      • December 3 to 9/2016
      • January 7-13 / 2017 (Instructional)
      • February 11 to 17/2017

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