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4 Reasons to Intern with Kayak Ecuador- Adventure Internship

Are you interested in outdoor adventure life? Do you like whitewater sports? Have you ever heard about Ecuador? Are you looking for an adventure internship in Ecuador?

If you answered yes you should read this post, if you answered no to all or some of the previous questions you should definitely read this post as-well. 

1. Gain experience in the field of Adventure Sports Management

As a Kayak Ecuador intern you will gain first-hand experience in the field of Adventure Sports Management; from interacting with customers, learning the world and terminology of whitewater sports to developing soft leadership skills.

All of these elements will allow you to gain expertise in the passioning universe of adventure sports and give you the necessary background to apply in your profession.

2. Have the opportunity to learn about other cultures

The internship takes place in the province of Napo- Ecuador. One of the national areas with more than 50% of indigenous people. Moreover, in the region at least nine different nationalities have been identified including Kichwa, Shuar, Huaorani among others.

While living and interning with Kayak Ecuador you will have the opportunity to respectfully learn about fascinating cultures such as those found in Napo.

(Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos, access 1 Nov. 2018 http://www.ecuadorencifras.gob.ec/documentos/web-inec/Poblacion_y_Demografia/CPV_aplicativos/datos_generales_cpv/napo_.pdf)

3. Be immersed and fully experience Ecuador and the Amazon

Did you know that Ecuador is the country with the highest concentration of rivers per km2 and one of the most biodiverse places in the entire world? Most of these qualities are found in the Amazon, the region where Kayak Ecuador operates.

As an intern you will be able to fully experience unlimited options that Ecuador and the Amazon can offer, from whitewater sports, to the distinctive gastronomy, friendly people and the list can keep.

4. Be immersed and fully experience Ecuador and the Amazon

Probably the most important reason: you will HAVE FUN throughout your internship with Kayak Ecuador! What are you waiting for your next adventure?

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Join Kayak Ecuador for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful rivers of Napo, Ecuador. Can you imagine discovering new rivers by the Amazon rainforest, cloud forests and hundreds of waterfalls?