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What makes us different?

We are located 3 hours way from Quito (Ecuador’s Capital), in the Narupa Biological Reserve, where you can find an approximate of 300 species of birds, although it is estimated that it increases to 400 species, since the reserve has some unexplored areas.
So far in Narupa, we find 2 of the 5 species globally threatened as: the Flag and the Cerulean Warbler. Additionally, some hummingbird drinking troughs have been installed.

It is very important for us to create among our visitor, awareness about the real and actual situation of natural water resources, geography, history, culture and environment; real fun comes along with real knowledge.

Our goal is to deliver amazing and memorable adventures by combining safety and fun in the beautiful rivers of Napo, Ecuador. The versatility of our certified guides and instructors, offer you the opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge whether you are a beginner or an expert in whitewater rafting & kayaking.

Our passion is whitewater and we would love to show the magic and uniqueness of the Ecuadorian rivers to the whole world if possible. White water sports are not popular among Ecuadorians; for this reason, we are determined to be the company that changes the trajectory of Kayak & Rafting in the country. To achieve our goal, we are continuously searching and specializing new guides and kayakers, in order to expand the word and the knowledge of these amazing sports.

Our Team

What makes the difference

Daniela Cabrera Darquea

Operations Manager

Pablo Cadena


Martín Narváez

Photography & Videography

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Our guides are internationally certified by ACA (American Canoe Association, https://www.americancanoe.org/) IRF (International Rafting Federation: http://www.internationalrafting.com/) WAFA  (Wilderness Advanced First Aids: https://www.nols.edu/en/coursefinder/courses/wilderness-advanced-first-aid-WAFA/) and SWR (Swift Water Rescue). Our team members come from different countries (Ecuador, Chile, USA), being able to communicate in English, French and German. They will make your time an unforgettable experience, safe and fun!

ACA (American Canoe Association), IRF (International Rafting Federation), WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aids)

Social Responsability

We care about much more than our business

Kayak Ecuador is involved in much more than its own business. We are aware of social and environmental problems and we want to do something about it. That is why we have formed an alliance with Patou Solidarite, a non-profit organization that helps communities, (mostly Kichwa’s) respecting their culture and traditions. They help them providing food, clothes, scolar materials and more. 

We support them with our frequent event “Solidarity Rafting” where hundreds of people have joined this cause and known the issues that these communities experience. ¡Hope to see you in the next one!